Dingwall NG-2 Fly Yellow

Dingwall NG-2 Fly Yellow


This remarkable new Dingwall model is the result of collaboration between Sheldon Dingwall and Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood (bassist/producer in the progressive-metal band, ‘Periphery’), and is an exciting addition to the ‘Combustion’ line of basses. This Ferrari Yellow example sure puts you center-stage, in the best possible way!

The NG-2 model provides more aggressive, ‘in your face’ tones (compared with the standard Combustion models), due to its all-Maple neck construction, its new Darkglass ‘Tone Capsule’ preamp, and its special pickup configuration.

All the Combustion basses use a special four-position rotary pickup-selector switch, instead of the usual ‘blend’ control) – this design provides an extra, ‘series’ setting, which provides a dramatic increase in output, and a strong midrange-boost to the tone. The NG-2 doesn’t really have a ‘neck’ pickup – it has a ‘middle’ pickup, which is placed right next to its bridge pickup. This arrangement maximizes the NG-2’s midrange ‘bark’ and ‘aggression’, in Nolly’s favorite ‘series’ setting.

The new Darkglass Tone Capsule preamp (designed in consultation with Dingwall) offers both low- and high-midrange controls (500 Hz and 2.8 kHz), which provides the player with a remarkable range of outstanding basstones, from every pickup-setting.

The NG-2 shares most of the superior construction details with the standard
Combustion models:
• Five-piece Quartersawn Canadian Maple neck w/ Maple fingerboard
• Solid light Ash body
• True Dingwall pickups
• Hipshot Products ‘UltraLight’ tuners
• Individual ‘single-string’ bridges for detailed, ‘woody’ tone.

Both the standard Combustion model and the new NG-2 are outstanding
basses, offering amazing value to the serious bassist. The hardest question
here, is “Which model should I buy, first?”…

Price: $1,570.00
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Dingwall 4-String Combustion — Vintage Burst/Rosewood

Dingwall 4-String Combustion — Vintage Burst/Rosewood

Dingwall 4-String Combustion – Natural Ash w/Rosewood fingerboard!

Sheldon Dingwall has created the ‘Combustion’ group of basses, to deliver the signature tone, playability, and other performance advantages that Dingwall is famous for, at the best possible price.These basses are Made In China! Before you run away, cursing – hear us out… Dingwall sources and selects all the materials – the woods, the pickups, the electronics, and the hardware – and ships them to a state-of-the-art Chinese factory, where they use ‘CNC’ (computer-controlled) machinery to create the finished wood-work. Dingwall check the final assembly, mill the frets, and perform all the set-up details, on every instrument. This manufacturing-process saves so much cost, that the player (that’s YOU) pays less than half the price of a Canadian-made ‘real’ Dingwall. In our eyes, that’s one hell of a bargain.

These new 4-string models offer the 4-string bassist all the advantages of the of the Combustion models. As such, the Combustion 4-string offers the highest price/performance value of any professional-quality 4-string bass, available today.

This bass, with its desirable Rosewood fingerboard and transparent ‘natural’-finish Ash body, evokes the great look of traditional basses from the ‘70s – but with the superior Dingwall performance. What’s more, the Rosewood fingerboard is no longer available on the Combustion basses. This is the Last One – so, Buy It Now!

This instruments boasts remarkable construction details:

  • Five-piece Quartersawn Canadian Maple / Rosewood neck
  • Solid light Ash body
  • Genuine Dingwall FD-3N pickups
  • Active EQ circuitry by EMG
  • Hipshot-designed tuners
  • Individual ‘single-string’ bridges for natural, ‘woody’ tone

Using the Novax ‘fanned-fret’ multi-scale design, these instruments offer the same superb low-frequency punch, clarity, and superior tuning-accuracy that Dingwall has brought to the electric-bass world for decades. The combination of this breakthrough innovation, along with custom-designed pickups, electronics and hardware, produces a level of performance that has to be heard, to be believed.

Across their entire product line, Dingwall offers innovative, tested, developments that reject the usual, ‘good-enough’ engineering that the rest of the industry accepts. As an example, just look at their battery compartment! The rest of the industry uses either a cheap, fragile, ‘pop open’ plastic battery-box, or an ‘old-school’ cover-plate that requires a screwdriver to access the batteries. Instead, Dingwall’s unique design uses a durable ‘magnetic’ cover that never ‘lets go’, but can be opened in seconds – without any tools. You will find similar ‘obsessive’ engineering on a Dingwall, everywhere you look.

Reunion Blues Continental Voyager gig bag included.

Price: $1,899.00
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